I have sought movement throughout my life. You can often find me training for endurance sports, practicing barre, kayaking, dancing, hiking with my dog, climbing mountains, swimming, on the trapeze and more! Beginning in 2003, yoga served as my release for tight muscles from overtraining for distance events and other athletics. In more recent years, it was yoga that supported me through a chronic illness. My learnings on the mat have overflowed into my lifestyle where yoga offers me clarity from my hectic public relations job. Whether during a 50 mile ultramarathon, times of discomfort from my illness, or battling a stressful day at the office, yoga releases my physical and mental obstacles to bring me healing and personal power.

Under the guidance of Silvia Mordini and Jenniferlyn Chiemingo, I embraced a journey to study the Anusara inspired Vinyasa Flow teaching style.

In my classes you will experience fun and upbeat music, unique sequencing encouraging you to push your body and mind, knowledge sharing about ways to live a healthy lifestyle, inspirational support to take with you on and off the mat and love.