2012’s Open Journal


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How time flies. Seems like just yesterday I was writing a post explaining how I was going to pick my beloved little “project” of a blog back up again. However, here I am seven+ months later and I find myself with the sudden urge to write. Truth be told, I loved journaling when I was younger. I would often sit down to write and produce a steady stream of entries for about a month. Life would get busy and when I would finally go back to my journal, I would rip out all the pages to start fresh because I was not being consistent. Talk about pressure.

This is the first time in my life that I have allowed myself the open door to come and go. Typically, I take on a hobby, activity, passion, commitment and I do whatever it takes to see it through. While this determination has helped me accomplish some amazing things, it has also led me to an overwhelming amount of stress resulting in a lack of compassion for myself.

In my field of public relations (my “day” job), when you start a plan, it should stem from a goal. My goal for this blog was originally to share my yoga learnings with the world. What I tell my students and truly learned myself, is that yoga is union or connection. My life is my yoga. Class themes, flow sequences, etc. are only a small piece of my yoga. If I want to share my yoga learnings that means sharing more about what happens off the mat. With this renewed goal in mind, it has allowed me write from an authentic place of the heart.

That being said, to avoid my urge to “tear out the pages” and start fresh, let me get you up to speed on the life of Jess.  May we continue this journey of exploring life together and thank you for listening.

2012 Highlights:

  • I got engaged (during a yoga class of course)! Yep, little Jess is getting hitched to a kind and compassionate man.  What an adventure we have had and the both of us believe the best is yet to come! This coming year brings so much love, change and blessings all in one.
  • My four-legged child got sick and it scared me silly. Oddly enough, she seems to have the dog form of my chronic illness, which is quite wild. Luna is doing much better now and I thank my lucky stars that I have a healthy partner-in-crime next to me. Luna has been such a teacher to me and she definitely helped me realize that I need to enjoy the moment.
  • With my engagement, my family doubled in size. I also became an auntie to two sweet nieces and welcomed a nephew. The amount of love I have for those littles is overwhelming and I can’t even fathom what the love feels like when you are a parent.
  • For the most part, I took a year off from intense racing. This was a major challenge for me, but I felt like my body needed a year to recover from competitive running. I still managed to sneak in the Seattle Marathon and Tough Mudder, but having this time allowed me to recharge and recoup.
  • I explored my faith. I have always been spiritual, but organized religion was not my bag of chips. Opening my heart to this experience was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I found a place where I feel at home that is welcoming, natural, loving and accepting to others.
  • I attended a lot of weddings. Seems like everyone is tying the knot or having a child. Definitely was surrounded by love this year and so happy to be a support to my family & friends through these exciting times!
  • Teaching yoga has brought me more joy than I could ever imagine. I love my students, I love being a student, I love learning and my gratitude for this beautiful practice grows minute by minute.
  • I took a major step back to reprioritize my life and started working with a life coach. I firmly assessed my “overfull” days and mindset to move away from the habit of living in one big to-do list. This period of reflection and growth has allowed me to focus on what is most important while also taking better care of myself. I am still a work in progress, but investing in myself was the greatest gift I gave in 2012.
  • Part of taking a step back meant less travel. That being said, I still spent time in Whistler and Maui exploring and connecting to nature. Weddings and business travel allowed me to visit some of my favorite cities throughout the year, but overall, I was grounded at home and that was refreshing for me.

There are still a few weeks left in the year and I know one more major highlight is coming. I’d write about it, but don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Looking forward to my “yoga” in 2013 and approaching my days with a fresh perspective and increased appreciation for the amazing gift to flow on and off the mat.

~ Namaste ~


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