Let Free, Let Flow, Let Be, Let Go

Fall seems to be the season of change. Maybe the repetitive nature of heading back to school has crept into our adult lives or the color differentiation in the leaves causes us to open our eyes to other avenues of change. Whatever the reason, fall seems to cause a swirl of emotions and an increase in stress levels.

It is natural to seek change during this time of year. Perhaps a new job, new relationship, new city, new hobby, new routine, or something else has been on the horizon for you. It is easy to try to force life into happening the way you want it to. We place so much effort into trying to influence our future that we often become attached to the ways things “should” be.

While it is not easy to detach yourself from this forceful mentality, it can bring integrity and grace back into your life. Please understand that one should always work towards their goals, but sometimes with a little less vigor and a little more ease – magic can happen.

This release of tension allows us to open to our surroundings and additional opportunities. When our focus is so closely narrowed in on accomplishing our goals, we create a tunnel vision. We miss the people, opportunities and interactions that come along with the journey of riding the wave. Sometimes these people, opportunities and interactions are the key to happiness and if we are too closely guarded then they do not have the chance to positively influence our life.

I recently found myself pushing hard to have my relationship, occupations, bank account, schedule and future home all pan out a certain way.  I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world and rushing to move from one goal to the next. This fast pace caused me to not fully consider my own feelings, emotions, wants, needs, desires and also miss what was happening right in front of me. I was not present in my everyday life and instead zeroed in on my future. My eyes were closed to my own journey.

Acknowledging the sweet words of Jennifer Isaacson, one of my beloved teachers, I made the difficult decision to slightly ease my grip and slowly detach myself from my extreme expectations. Since consciously making this effort, I have embraced ease back into my life and doors have opened that I did not expect. This mindful shift was not easy for me to make but proved to be necessary. I find myself more present in life, more appreciative for my journey and my quality of life has improved.

While it is never easy to let go and flow a little softer, it can provide amazing results and peace. Is there an area of your life where you can ease your grip? Next time you find yourself feeling worked up and pushing life, pause for a moment and recite the words, “Let Free, Let Flow, Let Be, Let Go.”


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